Simple Things to Consider When Shopping for a Digital Door Lock

November '22

Most people might not give enough thought to buying a digital lock but little do you know that it can play a big role in creating the first impression on your home! While you might think that picking a door now might not need much thought put into it, you might go to stores and check out options online to only get overwhelmed by the number of options available in the market.

But you surely have got nothing to worry about. We’re here to help you so that there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. This checklist shows you exactly what to consider when buying door hardware. 


1. Pick what works for you.

You might not think of door hardware style often, but you do notice when it’s scratched, dented, doesn’t match the look of the rest of the house, or is just plain ugly. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a digital door lock is just a lock. Look for the one that matches your personal taste, the architectural style of your home, and the one that matches all your needs in terms of unlocking options.

2. Choose from multiple access modes.

While the style of your digital door lock is essential, the next important feature to keep in mind is the convenience that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. The most important thing you should check in any digital lock is the types of access modes. The most common access modes are Keypad, Fingerprint, and RFID Card. To pick the right kind of digital lock, you must take into consideration which members of your family might need access and what would be the frequency.

3. What features are you looking for?

While picking out the perfect lock for your family’s needs, you must look into the features that it can offer. As most digital locks in the market come with a plethora of features to mix and match, you might want to keep in mind a few like - Smart Password, Smart Etiquettes, Smart Voice, Smart Freeze, Smart Security, Low Battery Alarm, or Privacy Locking.

4. Check out the battery life.

Picking a digital lock with good battery life is extremely essential when making a choice. You must note the strength of the battery and the duration it lasts for. Find your pick from a plethora of smart door locks that might come with extra batteries that ensure the lock runs perfectly even during a power outage so that you’re not locked outside the home. Also, try to find one that comes with a jump-start feature that enables you to turn on the lock in case of a technical fault.


Now that you have better clarity on what you need to keep in mind while going digital lock shopping next time, you can find the perfect fit for your door from a wide range of Schlage door locks. Take a look at all Schlage has to offer, from styles and finishes to smart locks to interactive installation instructions, at